Thank you to everyone who showed up to our first, but definitely not last “Pimps Up, Homelessness Down” fundraiser. Pictures are coming soon! And yes we have pictures of Gene, “Doin tha Butt”.

For those of you who were unable to attend, here is an update on our success so far. We went apartment shopping with our biggest success story, Archbishop Slappy. We have not found anything yet, but we are making progress. Our biggest obstacle is that he keeps declaring that, “The Sultan of Swag only lives in Penthouses.” We’ll get there.

Bobo is also doing well. He now prefers the moniker Bobo Hoho. He seems to be on his way up too. He already has enough to put down on an apartment, but he refuses to leave the streets. Our therapists are on it.

Sadly, Cha Cha is missing. Please if you see him, get in contact. He was last seen wearing a Gold and Purple suit with cheetah inlays. In general, contact us if you see any homeless man wearing purple and gold. It’s probably Cha Cha. We are worried about him. Do not approach him without food as he has been known to bite.

A special thank you to Jerry.  Despite his initial objection to the cover charge, he was integral in kicking out the crazy, libtard chick who didn’t think we should be helping the homeless.  Screw her!

That’s our update. More coming soon!

Don and Biscuit

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