Wheel Doctor PDX in Oregon

Slappy has started an online confrontation with Shady Yasin, the owner of Wheel Doctor PDX in Portland, OR (www.wheeldoctorpdx.com). To be nice, I tried to warn this idiot not to mess with the Archbishop. This guy takes my kind-hearted attempt to play nice and instead chooses to try to attack my website!

According to this website, Shady is a real douchebag: Shady Yasin. Slappy apparently called him out on allegedly snitching to law enforcement and he got Slaps banned from Instagram. Things are escalating and we all know Slaps never stops.

My problem is that he is now coming after me because I tried to help him. I have tried to get Slappy to back off but we all know how that goes. Any suggestions on how to get this trash out of my life?

11 thoughts on “Wheel Doctor PDX in Oregon

  1. Yes. You move him out of your house and take away his phone and internet like a good mommy so he stops embarrassing himself and YOU.


    1. You want me to throw a homeless man back on the streets? What is wrong with you Ashraf. Why can’t you just get your little brother under control. I hope that you and Lara don’t taise your children to be that callous.


      1. Yes throw him back on the streets. You aren’t homeless if you have a roof over your head. You are enabling him and using that to entertain YOUR BS on the internet. Its pathetic. You’ve brought more attention to your dog Slappy than anyone else could. To be honest, no one gives a shit. Find a real hobby.


      1. And Slappy commented on it. Out of your 77 views you have 27 thumbs down. Not a good percentage. Maybe it’s because publicly making fun of the LGBT community in this day and age is not intelligent. If you are that dumb, this debate is over.


  2. Shady only commits violent acts against females according to his Multnomah & Clackamas County Oregon arrest history.


    1. His arrest record disagrees with your statement. This guy sold so many pills, he is a major contributor to the opoid epidemic in Portland. Then he ratted on everyone to get out of trouble!


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