Texts from Shady Yasin

In an effort to cool down the online fight that the Archbishop in with Shady Yasin, the owner of Wheel Doctor PDX in Portland, OR (www.wheeldoctorpdx.com), I reached out to him. The things that this moron sent to a complete stranger…Homophobia, Racism, Threats of violence, Threats to snitch (again). I couldn’t write this shit. Nothing has been edited except for my home address…Enjoy

Screenshot_2019-05-19 Voice - NW Auto Locator(21)Screenshot_2019-05-19 Voice - NW Auto Locator(1)Screenshot_2019-05-19 Voice - NW Auto Locator(2)Screenshot_2019-05-19 Voice - NW Auto Locator(3)Screenshot_2019-05-19 Voice - NW Auto Locator(4)Screenshot_2019-05-19 Voice - NW Auto Locator(5)Screenshot_2019-05-19 Voice - NW Auto Locator(6)Screenshot_2019-05-19 Voice - NW Auto Locator(7)Screenshot_2019-05-19 Voice - NW Auto Locator(8)Screenshot_2019-05-19 Voice - NW Auto Locator(9)Screenshot_2019-05-19 Voice - NW Auto Locator(10)Screenshot_2019-05-19 Voice - NW Auto Locator(11)Screenshot_2019-05-19 Voice - NW Auto Locator(12)Screenshot_2019-05-19 Voice - NW Auto Locator(13)Screenshot_2019-05-19 Voice - NW Auto Locator(14)Screenshot_2019-05-19 Voice - NW Auto Locator(15)Screenshot_2019-05-19 Voice - NW Auto Locator(16)Screenshot_2019-05-19 Voice - NW Auto Locator(17)Screenshot_2019-05-19 Voice - NW Auto Locator(20)

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