Morality and Shady Yasin

To the best of my knowledge, the phones over at Wheel Doctor are ringing off the hooks with about 30 salesman trying to sell mortgages and debt consolidation to Shady Yasin. And I may have lent my phone to Slappy so that he could call over to Wheel Doctor and taunt Shady while the sales calls were coming in. This is definitely costing him money in missed customers and wasted effort. I should stop it. At the same time, a grown man like Shady should have known better than to get into a battle with a crazy, homeless man dressed in a cheap pimp costume. When all is said and done, I am probably the least guilty person in this whole scenario.

As I sit, I am caught in a moral conundrum. Most rational adults would have taken Slappy’s phone and computer away by now instead of mildly encouraging the behavior. That being said, most rational adults wouldn’t allow a homeless man to live in their basement in the first place and therefore wouldn’t be in this situation. But, I have decided to let this go, mostly because it’s hilarious.

Shady has taken the one thing that Slappy loved away. He loves his Instagram page and he loves making pictures of himself that make his followers laugh. You are all the best thing that has ever happened to him. (Except for someone named Bee Man. He hates Bee man) Because of Shady’s little bot game, the Archbishop has been banned from using hashtags and therefore cannot cast easily gain more followers. He is more angry than I have ever seen him in the two years that he has been living here. How am I supposed to take his computer and tell him that he has to take crap from a snitching POS without defending himself?

I texted Shady and tried to stop this in the very beginning, but Shady chose to threaten to hurt me instead of taking my advice. I tried everything in my power to stop it and I failed. I can still end it by taking Slappy’s computer, but is that justice? Is it fair? Shady has the power to make it stop by apologizing, but he chose pride over business revenue. Something in me thinks that he does not deserve both, especially when I know that if he had pride, he would not have snitched to get himself out of trouble. It seems to me like Shady losing a little pride is the most fair outcome right now.

So my last plea is to people who know Shady. Let’s help the homeless guy win one and keep his pride. Ask Shady to apologize and this all can end. Or we can just let it escalate so we can all see what happens next. Frankly, I’m good with either one!

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