Chalkie Awareness Week

Judging by the many e-mails that I have received, some of you are more than a little upset about “Chalkie Awareness Week”. All I can say is, be thankful that the creator of it does not live in your house.

That being said, I find it particularly hilarious that so many people have enough time to argue and complain about the pictures that a homeless person puts on the internet. If he said it on the streets, people would ignore him. Why is it that when he puts it on social media there is outrage?

As I have explained to many people over many e-mails this week, stop worrying about the Slappy’s politics. I understand that he has completely missed the point of spreading awareness, but he is a crazy, homeless man. What did you expect? However, if you continue to have a problem with what he is saying, talk to him, not me. No more e-mails about Slappy’s behavior, please. They have no effect and are a waste of time. The Archbishop doesn’t listen to me. If he did, we wouldn’t be in this situation in the first place.

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