Chalkie Re-Edcuation Camps

I have heard a lot about this. Slappy tells me that I’m going first. I asked him who was going to make his food if he locks me up, and he said, “I gotta think bout that.” So I think I’m good.

Seriously, Slappy has no bank account even if he does actually raise money so no real threat here. He’s just excitable right now.

However, he did coerce a couple of white guys back to the house…He also had some rope in the basement. I do not want to think about what would happen if I wasn’t there to stop it. Thankfully, they thought Slappy was going to introduce them to prostitutes, so they will probably keep their mouths shut.

Just in case, please do not donate to this venture, because if you give him money, and he can figure out how to get it, he might start kidnapping white people.

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