Are We Serious?

Thank you for all the attention that has recently been brought to the site. One question has been repeatedly asked…ARE WE SERIOUS?  The answer is yes.  The videos are obviously staged and the Archbishop is now living in my basement, but our dream remains. Slappy runs his own Instagram page and Facebook pages with a little help from me so it’s not a handout.  He is learning how to market himself.

We hope to make enough profit from our awesome t-shirts to fully fund our dream of dressing all the homeless of Philadelphia like 1970’s street pimps.  Send a message to this site’s box for purchase information.

On top of that, Slappy is available to make an appearance or host your next frat party, club opening or bachelor parties.

We also hope you find our videos on youtube are entertaining enough to generate revenue. (  We think the’re pretty funny.  But we also know that we are new to this so we are constantly striving to improve.

It’s a capitalistic approach to a very real problem.  If we can get them the suits, they will become a tourist attraction and they will have the income stream to have the opportunity to get off the streets permanently. It’s really pretty simple.

Links to our page and

Hey everyone.  Thanks for all the support.  The link to all of our videos is:  Some videos are also on  You can see them here  Please vote us funny!   The Archbishop is really close to being able to move out of my basement.  Your views help!

Feel free to check us out on reddit too!

How Slappy Saved Christmas

The Archbishop was so inspired and thankful for your support over the last few months that he decided to give you all the gift of his original Christmas story.  Here he is with, “How Slappy Saved Christmas”.  Although, he prefers the title, “The Pimpus Claus”.

Slappy Photos

Despite what some people on the internet want you to believe, Archbishop Slappy is in the state.  For the time being, he lives in my basement.  Also, contrary the rumors that you may have heard, he is not locked in my basement.  He is free to come and go as he pleases, but for security reasons we do lock it when we are sleeping.  There is also window that he can get out of if he needs to.

Anyway, the photos of His Royal Pimpness that have been circulating are FAKE.  If you look closely, you can see that it is the same picture of him cleverly photoshopped in different settings.  That being said, it is kind of funny and it does bring awareness to our cause.  There is no bad press I guess, so here are a couple of my favorites:

Slappy Saved by the bellFull House

And of course, Archbishop Slappy with Cambodian children:



Check out our new monthly raffle.  It is free to enter and one lucky winner will be drawn on the 20th of every month.  The winner will receive signed, authentic memoribilia!  Limit one entry per e-mail address.  Multiple entries will void all entries involving duplicate e-mail addresses.  Good Luck!



Thank you to everyone who showed up to our first, but definitely not last “Pimps Up, Homelessness Down” fundraiser. Pictures are coming soon! And yes we have pictures of Gene, “Doin tha Butt”.

For those of you who were unable to attend, here is an update on our success so far. We went apartment shopping with our biggest success story, Archbishop Slappy. We have not found anything yet, but we are making progress. Our biggest obstacle is that he keeps declaring that, “The Sultan of Swag only lives in Penthouses.” We’ll get there.

Bobo is also doing well. He now prefers the moniker Bobo Hoho. He seems to be on his way up too. He already has enough to put down on an apartment, but he refuses to leave the streets. Our therapists are on it.

Sadly, Cha Cha is missing. Please if you see him, get in contact. He was last seen wearing a Gold and Purple suit with cheetah inlays. In general, contact us if you see any homeless man wearing purple and gold. It’s probably Cha Cha. We are worried about him. Do not approach him without food as he has been known to bite.

A special thank you to Jerry.  Despite his initial objection to the cover charge, he was integral in kicking out the crazy, libtard chick who didn’t think we should be helping the homeless.  Screw her!

That’s our update. More coming soon!

Don and Biscuit